Monday, November 22, 2010

Lesson #36: Never put off giving yourself a clean slate.

I have had intentions of rearranging my bedroom furniture for six months -- maybe (probably) longer.

For one reason and then another I never got around to it. Over the summer I had plenty of time to do it, thanks to an extended bout of under-employment. Still, I never made the move. There was always eight hours a day worth of writing tasks, and job and client seeking to be done, a house to clean, dinner to make, homework help to dole out, and each day turned into another day until one day I had a 50-hour a week job to go to, a new freelance newspaper writing gig, and even less time to devote to home organizational projects.

Irony set in when I realized I was getting more done around the house now that I was working away from home than all those months I worked from home. Industry breeds industry it seems.

So, last weekend, I finally found the motivation to rearrange my bedroom furniture. I even created a Bagua diagram to feng shui the room. The new arrangement is beautiful, and the energy flow is invigorating. It may encourage me to -- insert shocking gasps here -- go through my ridiculously crowded closet. It would be much nicer on my self esteem to only have clothing that fits me in there.

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