Friday, November 10, 2006

Lesson 14: If Wishes Were Fishes, Monkeys Would Drive

So I 've been pretty insecure lately. Worried.

Worried that I can't or won't keep my new job. Worried that my roommates are going to kick me out. Worried that this shitty rumor that's going around my hometown about me is going to ruin my reputation. Worried that I'll never be a published author. Worried that I'm blowing it somehow.

And it hit me today. I really don't have anything to worry about. I am loved and wanted and needed by the people I love and want and need, and the rest of them can go to hell.

Worrying -- which is simply another aspect of wanting what you haven't got -- is such a waste of time.

Taking what you want, making what you have into what you want ... that's the key. I got overwhelmed for a minute by all the big changes in my life. But only for a minute.

That's simply because I forgot what I truly am:

A godless bonobo with a party hat on.

Anyone wanna play?