Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lesson #35: Beware werewolves

Husband has told me numerous times that there is nothing scary about humans that turn into wolves. What would be scary is if wolves could become human. They would look like a human, walk and talk like a human, but you could never truly trust them because their motivations -- they're soul -- would never be human.

We watched the move Splice the other night. It wasn't a particularly good movie, but it was creepy because of the premise. The creature looks and acts human, but it's not.

We've been teaching our Olde English Bulldogge to speak. She can say her name, "hello," "outside," "weird," and "wrong." She speaks in a thick bullie accent, but nonetheless, if you were to hear her speak, it's obvious that she is mimicking the words we say. The fact that she says words like "weird" and "wrong" on command prove that she's mimicking us -- parrot-style -- as those are the words we use when we describe her speech, both to her and about her.

At first we thought her speaking was novel, funny. Until she started interrupting our conversations, interjecting her opinions, and speaking over us. Until we watched that movie Splice and realized that not all anthropomorphic traits are amusing, and are, in fact, rather creepy.

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